High Energy ERLs for Electron CoolingBenson, Stephen Vincent JLab
Novel experiments at CLARAAngal-Kalinin, Deepa STFC/Cockcroft Institute
Update on Fermilab’s PIP-II ProjectMerminga, Lia FNL
Particulate field emitters in CEBAF: from root-cause studies to mitigation solutionsGeng, Rong-Li JLab
Commissioning of Superconducting Linac Booster for Heavy-Ion Linac at RIKEN Kamigaito, Osamu RIKEN
Progress of the RAON Heavy Ion Accelerator Project in KoreaChung, Yeonsei Korea base science institute
Brilliant beam acceleration at longitudinal phase advances far beyond 90°Rubin, Anna GSI
High Power normal-conducting linacs upgrade in US Raparia, Deepak BNL
SNS Proton power upgrade (PPU) and operational experienceChampion, Mark ORNL
Status and perspectives of ESS linacDanared, Hakan ESS
Progress in Nb3Sn: on the edge of the technology revolution in SRF cavity performancePosen, Sam Fermilab
Development of Superconducting Linac Technology in IndiaShrivastava, Purushottam RRCAT
Dislocation dynamics their role in high-gradient phenomenaAshkenazy, Yinon (alternative speaker: Kyritsakis, Andreas ) Hebrew University of Jerusalem
CW RF Gun DevelopmentDunham, Bruce SLAC
Technological Advancements in Material Handling for High-Gradient Operation of an innovative braze-free accelerating structuresFaillace, Luigi INFN/LNF
SRF R&D for the LCLS-II High Energy UpgradeGonnella, Daniel SLAC
Status of the LCLS-II CW X-ray FELDing, Yuantao SLAC
S30XL (aka DASEL): a new beamline for dark sector explorationMarkiewicz, Thomas Walter SLAC
Accelerator on a CHIPBlack, Dylan Stanford University
Beam reliability and stability studies in superconducting high power protonlinacsHe, Yuan IMP/Lanzhou
High-efficiency ultra-short pulses from infrared FEL oscillators for an attosecond X-ray source with high-harmonic generationHajima, Ryoichi QST
Overview of Plasma Processing programs in the SRF communityDoleans, Marc ORNL
Collaborative developments with industry for advanced accelerator applicationsGleeson, Anthony STFC/DL
Superconducting Twin-Axis Cavities – Development and ApplicationsPark, HyeKyoung ODU
Recent development of medical linacs for high income and low-middle income countriesDosanjh, Manjit CERN
A high brightness RF gun development for the SuperKEKB colliderZhou, Xiangyu KEK
First linear acceleration of relativistic electrons using THz waveguidesGraham, Darren University of Manchester/Cockcroft Institute
Optical fibre based monitor for accelerator optimization Wolfenden, Joseph University of Liverpool/Cockcroft Institute
Linac based proton therapyDi Giovanni, Alberto AVO-ADAM
Beam commissioning of SPIRAL2 linacFerdinand, Robin CEA
Performance and Operational Experience with the European X-FEL Linac Walker, Nick DESY
Commissioning of high power linear induction accelerator for X-ray flash radiography at BINP Nikiforov, Danila BINP
Status of MYRRHA fault tolerant linac projectBouly, Frederic LPSC
Demonstration of High Current Deuteron Acceleration for the LIPAc 5MeV RFQSakamoto, Keishi QST
Distributed coupling Linacs from room temperature to SuperconductingNasr, Mamdouh H. SLAC
High repitition rate RF gunsMilitsyn, Boris STFC/Cockcroft Institute
Commissioning of simultaneous top-up injections into 4 + 1 storage rings at KEK injector linacMiyahara, Fusashi KEK
Design and experimental validation of a mm-wave woodpile-based dielectric structure for acceleratorsTorrisi, Giuseppe INFN/LNS
Beam quality study of linac injector for achieving J-PARC 1 MW beam Harada, Hiroyuki JAEA/J-PARC
Overview of High Power RFQ issues and solutions Pisent, AndreaINFN
Transition between different acceleration sections of Hadron LinacsComunian, Michele INFN
Overview of linacs for compact neutron sourcesBaxter, David IU
The Compact Linear Accelerator for Research and Applications (CLARA)Smith, Susan STFC/Cockcroft Institute
Overview of machine learning effort for particle accelerators. Adelmann, Andreas PSI
FRIB construction, installation, SRF and beam commissioning: experience and lessons learnedWei, Jie MSU/FRIB